The Abstract from this author and our statistical consultant, Dr. W.R. A. Duurkoop, will give you a good idea of the development of this project in the Netherlands.

In Blind Evaluation, the summary reports that in the Emory University study, the five point scale for each item was first developed. (We used this for our model). More than half of their items were able to discriminate who were the learning disabled boys.

Deciding if the Motor Observations are what you need:

Continue reviewing the first and second sections of the website. The examples of the items and the short 2 item video/DVD will give you a good idea of the contents.

In Practical Introduction, you will find an important list of objects and information you will need to give the Motor Observations, such as 2 types of balls, etc.

Examples of the statistical printouts for standard deviations will give you an idea of what this test can offer.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th section you can only open when you have purchased the Motor Observations. This will be with an access code. Now open the Test Procedures to learn how to perform the MO.