When the purchaser has paid the full € 220.15, they receive an access code or password that allows them to use all portions of the website. This includes receiving color print outs of their scores ( if they have a color printer ) in standard deviations. The purchaser has unlimited use of the Motor Observation Test including the statistical print out for 7 years. After this period a new license will be required.

Credit card, bank transfer and PayPal are acceptable for payment. The price of € 220.15 will be calculated into the purchaser’s currency on the day it is accepted by our payment company. The purchaser will receive notification of the conversion. No extra costs are added.

Return Policy: Once the purchase has been completed with the code activated, the purchaser cannot receive money back (unless it is shown that there is a technical fault preventing the use of the Motor Observations.)

The Motor Observations is for the purchaser’s own professional use and cannot be reproduced or used for teaching purposes without the written consent of Lynn J. Horowitz, MHS, OT. lynnsi@telfort.nl